STRIDE Application for 2024

Underrepresented and disadvantaged students are encouraged to apply.
For any additional questions please visit the FAQ page, or email to:

FAQ page will be updated periodically, and please first check STRIDE website and FAQ update if you do not receive an individual email response.

Step 1:

Please complete and submit the following application form. A legal guardian must be present to submit this form.
Last day to submit is January 19, 2024, before 11:59pm PDT

STRIDE 2024 Application

Step 2:

Once the application form has been submitted, please have a STEM teacher upload their letter of recommendation using the form linked below.
This must be submitted by the teacher before 11:59pm PDT on January 19, 2024.

The letter of recommendation should include the following information:

  • Describe the student's academic performance, such as GPA
  • Student's interest in STEM
  • Involvement with school or extracurricular activities that are STEM related
  • Teacher's signature and contact information should be included in the letter

STRIDE 2024 Teacher Letter of Recommendation

Step 3: (optional)

Students that are participants of the UCR Outreach Program may request their program contact to submit a letter of recommendation. This is an optional step. 

UCR Outreach Program contacts can submit their letter of recommendation using the form link below.

  • Describe student's participation and performance in UCR Outreach Programs
  • Include STEM related activities and interests

STRIDE 2024 UCR Outreach Program Letter of Recommendation

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